• More shade, more patio coverage with 9’ extension
  • Self-Leveling retraction with Memory Pitch
  • Strongest, heavy-duty arm
  • Technology compatible (Bluetooth Wireless Awning Control)
  • Auto-Retraction (With Carefree Connects System)
  • Secure partial extension
  • Six position, instant pitch adjustments
  • Hassle free, One-Touch extension and retraction
  • No locks or latches
  • Motor locks roller in place during travel
  • Fabrics come standard with FLXguard

  • FLXguard Weatherguard


    FLXguard comes standard with any Eclipse XL roller offering robust protection for your awning fabric. This patented fabric protection option is comprised of a specially formulated polymer and is designed to be flexible yet as protective as more expensive metal wrap. Available in Black, White, or Carbon Fiber pattern options you can perfectly match your RV’s style.

  • Unmatched Style and Beauty

    Unmatched style, beauty and selection!

    Notice the integrated style, the trim, the finish and the attention to detail in every part. The Eclipse is available with the industry's broadest selection of fabrics: vinyl, PolyWeave, or custom acrylic colors. The Arm Sets are available in standard White, Satin or Black.

  • Unmatched Style and Beauty

    9' Extension

    The Eclipse XL offers the longest awning extension of any Carefree vertical arm awning. The 9’ extension is 1’ greater than that of standard awnings which provides you with more shade and covered patio area.

  • Unmatched Style and Beauty

    Strong, Heavy-Duty arms

    Eclipse XL, along with the Eclipse, are Carefree’s strongest vertical arm awnings. This ensures maximum durability no matter where you are camping. The Eclipse XL arm set is 4.5” wide to offer a wider base for increased rigidity and strength when extended. Arm sets come available in Black and White hardware options.

  • Unmatched Style and Beauty

    Memory Pitch

    The Eclipse XL features Carefree’s Exclusive Self-Leveling Retraction with Memory PitchTM. This allows you to adjust each arm independently so you can maximize your shade. Upon retraction, the awning self-levels and then when you reopen it remembers the last pitch setting and opens up to that exact pitch. So, set it and forget it!

  • Unmatched Style and Beauty

    Bluetooth Enabled Wireless Control

    The Eclipse XL also comes with the optional Carefree Connects Wireless Awning Control System (Please link this to connects page). This allows you direct control of your Eclipse right from your smart device using the Carefree Connects mobile app. You can extend, retract, adjust the LEDs brightness and even control the sensitivity of your motion sensor too.

  • Unmatched Style and Beauty

    Auto-Retraction during inclement weather

    The Eclipse XL comes with optional Auto-Retraction via the Carefree Connects Wireless Control System. With the wireless, Bluetooth enabled motion sensor, your Eclipse XL will detect sustained motion from inclement weather and then automatically retract your awning so it does not get damaged. With the Carefree Connects app, you can adjust the sensitivity of your motion sensor to make sure it works exactly how you would like it too. The app also notifies you if the awning does retract automatically from wind! Get peace of mind with Carefree’s Eclipse XL and Carefree Connects wireless control.



12V Hardwired Arm Set

Requires a 70” x 4.5” unobstructed mounting area for each arm

9’ extension (1’ greater than standard awnings)

Strongest arm of any Carefree Vertical Arm awning

Size Range: 8’ – 21’ lengths