SL Window Awning

A new look to match a new generation of awnings!

Save on A/C and complement the sleek, finished look of your Eclipse or Travel'r Patio Awning.

Available in XL sizes!

If your window measures more than 36" tall, you'll need SL XL window awnings. They come with 30" arms and have a full 45" extension (see below).

Don't forget Carefree's new Uniguard

This option to Carefree's proven no-leak Alumaguard is designed to blend SL Window Awnings with the Eclipse and NEW Travel'r. Carefree's unique Uniguard lifts to accept the SL window awning as it slips into its travel position.

Notice the sleek profile of the new SL window awning; closed for travel and protected by Uniguard:


Standard SL and SL XL Window Awnings

NOTE: If your window is more than 36" tall, we recommend our Carefree SL XL model window awnings with FullView fabric.

To order window awning roller assembly:

  1. Determine the size of standard, SL, or SL XL roller assembly needed. Measure the window and add six inches to determine the best awning fit. A 4' window should have a minimum of a 4-1/2' window awning.
  2. Specify the fabric type and color. Choose from FullView, vinyl, or acrylic fabric.
  3. Specify Vinyl Weatherguard or Uniguard. Vinyl Weatherguard is available in white, matching vinyl, or matching FullView. Uniguard is available in satin, white, or black.

Fabric Choices:

Click here to see Carefree companion awning fabric options.

FullView Window Awning Fabrics

Constructed of rugged open-weave FullView fabric protected by a six inch solid vinyl Weatherguard. FullView fabric's open-weave design protects you from the sun without completely obstructing your view. You can special order your FullView window awning with white vinyl Weatherguard, matching FullView Weatherguard, or Uniguard metal wrap to match any patio awning.

Vinyl Fabrics

Heavy-duty vinyl canopy comes with white vinyl Weather guard, matching vinyl Weatherguard, or optional Uniguard metal wrap. Vinyl stripes and fades are not available on the SL Window Awning. Click above for a complete list of available vinyl colors and styles.

Acrylic Fabrics

Choose from standard or custom acrylic fabrics. Acrylic striped fabrics are available in horizontal stripes only.

Metal Wrap Uniguard Colors

Uniguard is available in white, black, or satin.

Click here to see Carefree hardware options.