Awning Upgrades
Check out the many ways you can upgrade for a fraction of the cost of buying new!
Room Enclosures Pioneer Upgrade Kit
Direct Response for Travel'r and Eclipse Remote Control
Canopy Replacement Awning Mat
SunBlocker SideBlocker Thin Lite
Canopy Clamps Rafters
Uniguard Alumaguard
 Product Upgrades
Eclipse Travel'r


LED lights

Universal LED Light Kits

Breezeway Screen Rooms

Cool comfort at a super low price! The best value screen room on the market!

Standard Add-A-Room

Turn your awning into a spacious private room.

Awning Mats

Enjoy the ultimate campsite: Clean, cozy, color coordinated and incredibly durable.

THIN-LITE Awning Light

Enjoy your awning at night. Best of all, it's bug free!

SunBlocker & SideBlocker

Use Carefree SunBlocker & SideBlocker to shade the area under your awning.


Fits Carefree metric sized Campout and Freedom awnings.
 New Products
Fits traditional and 12 Volt vinyl awnings with vertical arms from 10'-21'.

Fits Carefree Campout and Freedom awnings from 3-5 meters.

The easiest full size patio awning to operate!

Buy the complete awning or upgrade your existing Carefree Spirit, Fiesta or Simplicity.